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Making Money Easy is an all-inclusive program with an affordable $400 annual subscription that individuals can purchase via their NDIS plan as daily adaptive technology, which sits in core support. Organisations can purchase 13 week or annual subscriptions, which can be used with their participants.
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The path to financial empowerment

We are dedicated to improving the financial wellness of people across the spectrum of disability. A subscription, either as an individual or as an organisation gives the user unique sign in and access to all of the Making Money Easy program, including training manuals, additional handouts and exercises, and access to all of the 10 Making Money Easy modules.

1 annual subscription


  • 1 license
  • Content library
  • Guided lessons
  • Quizzes
  • Moodle access
  • 10 modules
13 weeks subscription


  • 20 licenses
  • Training manuals
  • Additional handouts
  • Guided lessons
  • Quizzes
  • Moodle access
  • 10 modules
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20+ licenses

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To purchase more than 20 licenses for your organisation, we invite you to request a custom quote. Simply click on the button below and complete the form to connect with a Making Money Easy consultant and receive a free demo today.


Pricing will be $400 for one (1) annual subscription for one (1) user.

Pricing will be $4,000 for a 13-week subscription for up to 20 users. Annual subscriptions can also be purchased at a cost of $16,000 per year. Please contact us.

Making Money Easy has given Sam a new passion as he’s discovered how interesting money can be! The program made learning enjoyable and fun and as a family, we’re now incorporating money lessons into daily life. Sam looks forward to his lessons and applies great focus.

Mary Steele
Sam’s mother

Carly has been working towards moving out of home for a while but was struggling with budgeting and understanding the ins and outs of bills. Making Money Easy has switched a light on for her and everything is now coming together beautifully.

Carly’s support worker
Inclusive learning

Why choose Making Money Easy?

At Making Money Easy, our purpose is to make a difference in the lives of people who live with intellectual disability by respecting their autonomy, freedom of choice and independence, and by supporting the achievement of their goals.

The Making Money Easy program is designed to help individuals gain financial knowledge and skills that empower them to make appropriate choices and enjoy control over their own money. This is an important step towards increased independence and we are pleased to help facilitate that for these valuable members of the community.

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