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Building knowledge and skills

Participate Australia literacy financial course. This course uses assistive technology to help individuals learn how to count and develop essential money handling skills. Click below to start learning.
Building knowledge and skills

Empowerment through financial literacy

Every individual has their own capacity to learn. Making Money Easy has been created with three levels – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced – so that participants can begin at their appropriate skill level. In all, the program comprises ten modules, all narrated and each featuring a variety of quizzes, real-life examples and additional suggested content to help bring the learning to life!
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Basic level

In this introduction to the basics of money, participants learn how to count to one hundred, identify and count using money and learn about price rounding and practise shopping exercises. This level is an excellent starting point for all participants, to discover how Making Money Easy works.

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Intermediate level

Participants recap on the concepts learned in the Basic section. They look at needs versus wants, how to pay using the correct change and without the correct money. They learn how to plan and develop a budget and focus on budget goals as they work towards independence in money handling.

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Advanced level

The Making Money Easy Advanced level teaches participants about various online banking services such as ATMs, tap and go and paying with credit cards. They are taught how to read bills and payslips, pay bills and shop online and learn about online security and their rights and responsibilities as a consumer.

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Skills Guide

Every participant has his or her own mix of capabilities. Find the ideal module now.

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View and download helpful guides and resources relevant to your course.

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Our blog

Visit the Making Money Easy blog and check our most recent news for our community.

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Let's get started

Learn basic to more complex financial skills in a fun and encouraging online environment.

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The path to financial empowerment

Making Money Easy was developed by Participate Australia to support children, teens and adults with mild to moderate intellectual disability to learn basic counting and money handling skills. It teaches financial basics through to more complex transactions in a modular format that enables each section to build on what was learned in the previous section.

The program is designed to be fun and engaging to promote learning and reward achievement and is delivered in a safe, unintimidating online environment. Ultimately, participants are encouraged to improve their economic participation and become more independent in their daily lives by being able to go shopping or pay a bill.

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Purchase via your NDIS plan

Making Money Easy is an all-inclusive program with an affordable
$400 annual subscription that individuals can purchase via their NDIS plan